Todd Helton’s Stats Prove Hall of Fame Worthy

Todd Helton

September 18, 2020

Todd Helton

Colorado Rockies legendary first baseman Todd Helton put up impressive numbers throughout his 17-year career. His body of work over that time match Hall of Famers and prove that he deserves a spot in Cooperstown.

Playing Career | Todd Helton

Todd Helton retired in 2013 as one of the most beloved Colorado Rockies of all time. In his 17 years with the organization, he proved an invaluable team member and racked up stats that rival many current Hall of Famers. While some would argue that playing in Colorado padded his stats and artificially inflated his resume, many believe that his overall body of work is enough to earn him a plaque in Cooperstown.

Counter Argument | Todd Helton

The main argument against inducting Todd Helton into the Hall of Fame is the same one that has plagued Rockies players from the beginning. Some voters argue that playing in Denver gave Todd Helton a competitive advantage since the thin air creates a uniquely favorable environment. It’s true that the mile-high air of Denver allowed balls to sail a little further at Coors field than other places, but that doesn’t negate all of his game-changing plays nor the legendary stats he built up in Colorado and beyond.

Stunning Stats | Todd Helton

While it’s true that Denver creates some intrinsic advantages, Todd Helton‘s overall performance was impressive enough to overcome that marginal advantage. For starters, Todd Helton’s WAR (wins above replacement) score is higher than all non-Hall of Famers, with the exception of active players and players in the middle of the steroid controversy. That proves that he was highly valuable to his team; and that value has nothing to do with where he played or how thin the air was.

While his performance at first base was impressive, it was his hitting that truly set him apart. Helton accumulated 369 home runs and 1,406 RBI in his career. At the peak of his career he was one of the most dangerous hitters in the league, coming close to a .400 batting average in several seasons. He was particularly known for his ability to hit doubles, advance runners, and drive runs in.

There are plenty of other stats that prove Todd Helton’s Hall of Fame credentials. But most telling of all is the reputation he built during his career. Pitchers dreaded seeing him walk up to the plate, and managers strategized specifically to minimize his commitment. Those are the qualities that should come to the forefront when evaluating Hall of Fame candidates.

Impartial voters ‘sconsidering Todd Helton┬áresume should see that his sustained high performance over a 17-year career is worthy of a vote in favor of the hall of fame.