Todd Helton Gives Back to His Community

Todd Helton

January 20, 2021

 Todd Helton is a baseball legend who has been out of the sport for some time. However, he has remained an active and positive force in many ways, helping as a coach in various programs and focusing on community outreach as well. One facet that some of his fans may not understand is his giving nature and his private and far-reaching charity and donation activity.

The Giving Ways of Todd Helton

As one of the most renowned hitters in both college and MLB history – a career that included 369 home runs and 2,519 hits – Todd Helton has quietly become one of the most charitable people in the business as well. Since his retirement, Todd Helton has mostly spent time with his wife, Christy Bollman, and their daughters but has also become a profoundly spiritual man.

His discovery of the power of spirituality – particularly the biblical statement of “To whom much is given, much is required” – has inspired Todd Helton to give in many different ways. Over the years, stories have been written about a handful of his unique giving experiences, such as his recent attendance at the Player’s Party Dinner, in which he golfed to help raise money for charity.

The challenge of understanding Todd Helton’s work beyond this lies in his inherent humble and private nature. Todd Helton doesn’t advertise his charity work or try to draw attention to himself. Such actions are, to his way of thinking, self-serving. Celebrities who use charity work as an advertising attempt are not doing it for the right reasons, Todd Helton believes, which should be to help others and not themselves.

Instead, Todd Helton believes that “God wants us to help fulfill the needs of others less fortunate,” a lesson he has attempted to build throughout his community. Through various philanthropy work, donations, and private charity to many organizations, Todd Helton has helped to put his money where his mouth is and help those less fortunate than him in life.

Just as importantly, Todd Helton is attempting to teach his daughters and future generations about the importance of giving. In a world where greed and self-serving tendencies are more common than others, Todd Helton hopes to “pay it forward” by showing his daughters and their friends how to be giving just for the sake of kindness and why everyone benefits when the less fortunate are helped.

By giving a leg-up to those who are less fortunate, Todd Helton believes it is possible to level the playing field. Not everybody was blessed with athletic talents, like him, or easy access to money and education. By helping those who cannot quickly get these benefits, Todd Helton believes the world can become a better place, one person at a time.