Best NL West players Still Not Elected to Hall of Fame

Todd Helton

July 5, 2021

Todd Helton Best NL West players Still Not Elected to Hall of Fame

With all 30 MLB teams opening their stadiums in some capacity, fans are filling up ballparks once again. However, the seats at Cooperstown are still going to be emptier than usual.

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) failed to elect any new members in the Hall of Fame for 2021. This marks the first shutout in eight years. For a player to be inducted, they must receive 75% of the total ballots. Since voting began in 1936, this rare occurrence has only happened nine times.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t quality players waiting to hear their name called. Every team has its own list of Hall of Fame hopefuls. Let’s explore the credentials for the best players from each NL West team.

Arizona Diamondbacks

On stats alone, Curt Schilling is perhaps one of the most deserving. A former World Series MVP, Schilling has dominated in the postseason. He’s posted a 2.23 ERA in 19 career playoff starts. Despite playing for several teams, the pitcher reached his pinnacle with the Diamondbacks. He retired with 216 wins and 3,116 Ks, ranking him 15th in all-time strikeouts. While few deny his accomplishments on the field, some voters have voiced concerns about his life off the diamond. Despite gaining in recent years, Schilling asked to be removed from the ballot after only getting 70% of the votes in 2020.

Colorado Rockies

Another player with a strong argument, Todd Helton is one of only eight players to finish with at least 350 homers and a .315 batting average. Spending his entire 17-season career with the same team, Todd Helton is also the only Rockies player to have his number retired. Even though his fellow teammate Larry Walker just got inducted last year, Todd Helton continues to wait for his call.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Adrián Beltré and his abrupt exit from the Dodgers have left many voters (and fans) wondering “what if.” Signed as a 19-year-old prospect out of the Dominican Republic, he left during his seventh season with the Dodgers. Playing with several other clubs, the third baseman went on to nap five Gold Gloves and was a four-time All-Star.

San Diego Padres

Gary Sheffield played a remarkable 22 seasons, but only two of these were spent in San Diego. Yet they were probably the best of his career. Other than Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn, the outfielder is the only other Padres player to win a batting title. However, he received less than 41% of the BBWAA’s votes in 2021. This leaves him as a long shot to ever get elected.

San Francisco Giants

Like Schilling, Barry Bonds obviously merits consideration on production alone. His 762-career home run is the most in league history. However, his link to steroids and the performance-enhancing drug era has derailed his candidacy. Next year will be his final year on the ballot.