MLB Legend Todd Helton’s Five Tips To Boost Your Batting Average

Todd Helton

November 6, 2020

Todd Helton Explains Pro Tips For Increasing Your Batting Average

Increasing by just one hit for every ten at-bats can do wonders for your batting average. Making small changes to your training and how you approach the batter’s box can make a world of difference when it comes to getting your average up. Major League legend Todd Helton is sharing his top five tips to help you increase your batting average.

Todd Helton recommends improving your running speed, which can translate to a faster swing. He also says that once you get your speed up, you’re also more likely to make it to base, improving your batting average. Increasing your cardiovascular fitness can also lower your resting heart rate, and may make it easier for you to focus when you step into the batter’s box in front of a crowd.

If you’ve been playing for a while, Todd Helton says that it’s natural that it’s easiest for you to hit to one area of the field. Working to switch this up can help to improve your batting average. Of course, this can take months or even years, but it’s well worth putting in the extra effort to ensure that you can hit within a wide range of the field.

Learning how to bunt correctly can be an important part of working to improve your batting average, according to Todd Helton. While you’re working to get your average up, getting a few solid bunts in can give you the base hits that you need to get your batting average up over time.

Getting to know your pitchers can also be an important part of improving your batting average, according to Todd Helton. While you can’t always predict what a pitcher will throw, Todd Helton recommends watching each of the pitchers you hit against carefully while they’re pitching for other teams. Get a feel for their style, and know where they’re likely to throw. Todd Helton says that knowing what to expect before you step in the batter’s box can give you an advantage before the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.

While focusing on where you want to improve is important, Todd Helton recommends having as short a memory as possible when it comes to your batting average. It can be easy to focus on things you’ve done wrong in the past, but having a mindset that focuses on past failures can negatively affect your batting average in games to come. Recognize that baseball is a constant learning experience, and keep your eye on the prize.