Five-Time All-Star Baseball Great Todd Helton Discusses Ways Student-Athletes Can Perfect Their Sport During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Todd Helton

March 3, 2021

Five-Time All-Star Baseball Great Todd Helton Discusses Ways Student-At

Todd Helton explains how disruption of the norm in terms of how student-athletes compete and train should not be a roadblock. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted sporting events across the globe. For student-athletes, the pandemic continues to be a challenge due to school closures and other precautionary measures to contain the virus. In a recent study, 93% of the respondents reported that they had experienced one or more postponement or cancellation of a game of other sport-related competition. Out of those who participated in the study, another 90.5% of them expressed they had experienced feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. In addition, 86.1% of the participants in the study had concerns about losing their level of fitness during the pandemic. 

According to baseball great Todd Helton, it is important for student-athletes to stay active. Even with social distancing being the order of the day, for now, Todd Helton says that student-athletes have to find ways to continue their training and conditioning.“I recognize it can be difficult for students to stay motivated to stay in shape. They are accustomed to training together, running together and doing a host of other things as a single unit.”, Todd Helton said. 

Motivation and drive are the main engines to keep things not just moving in the right direction, but helping student-athletes improve their sport during the pandemic, according to Todd Helton. “Giving up and staying dormant during this pandemic is not an option for any student-athlete who is looking to play beyond high school or even college. Engaging in inactivity is the worst thing any athlete can do during this time.”, Todd Helton said. 

“The best thing young athletes can do for themselves during this time is to get outside, plug in their earpieces, turn up some music and get in some running sessions. Running, even if it has to be done solo, will help student-athletes maintain current fitness levels.”. Todd Helton said. Solo running can also help build up greater endurance, and speed. Students can set and concentrate on individual goals, and they can challenge those goals to get even better in their sport.”, Todd Helton continued.

Todd Helton also said that the absence of a gym should not stand as a roadblock for student-athletes. “There are so many ways athletes can get a great workout without the use of exercise equipment. They can engage in bodyweight exercises at home to build muscle strength. This type of training also helps to prevent injuries.”, Todd said. Moreover, corrective and flexibility exercise sessions will also help prevent injuries and improve an athlete’s performance.” Helton said.